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Using the Images and maps configuration you can set load new images into Yellowfin, raster maps, and WMS layers. Raster maps are images with each zone specified as a unique colour which defines the zones to be replaced by heat map colouring.

Image Types

In the Image list you will see an icon form both types of images supported:

Basic images can be used as background images for Charts

Maps which are used for generating heat maps.

Loading Images

To load new images into your image library click the images and maps link from the administration panel as shown previously. This will open the image list table.

  1. Click the Add link to open the ‘add new image’ page.
  2. Type in the name and description of the image you wish to load and select ‘Image’ from the drop down.
  3. The page will now display the browse and upload section. Browse for your image file and click the upload link to load the image to the server.
  4. The image thumbnail will now be displayed. Click save to save your changes and return to the list.

Using Images in your Charts

Now that the image has been loaded when creating a chart you will see on the background options drop down the ability to add images to the chart.

See the Image Map tutorial for more information.