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Yellowfin allows you to schedule and publish reports externally to support your information collaboration needs by allowing you to deliver your business information to a mass audience via email or the file transfer protocol (FTP).

You can use the scheduling and distribution options to:

  1. Schedule the refresh of Management Information Reports
  2. Schedule Report Distribution via email
  3. Schedule the Transfer of reports to external file servers.
  4. Manually Distribute Reports to users’ inbox or email accounts
  5. Subscribe to Reports to have them sent to you on a regular basis

Yellowfin supports a variety of distribution format options. These include:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Hyperlink

Distribution Permissions

If you wish to manage distribution of a report externally you can set the security permissions for these actions.

To enable a report to have either subscriptions or broadcast records it must have a broadcast setting enabled. The security and broadcast settings are defined whilst the report is in DRAFT mode.

From the Report options section on the report menu click the Security Options link to view and set broadcast permissions. You can choose to permit broadcast only, subscription only or both.

Subscriptions permit users that view the report to subscribe independently to the report.

Why can’t I see the Broadcast Selection?

To be able to set broadcast permissions for your report a number of settings need to exist. These are:

  1. The data source (database) that you are reporting off must have broadcast and subscription permissions set to ‘ON’
  2. Your security access to Yellowfin (user role) must have Broadcast permissions set to ‘ON’
  3. For Broadcast permissions you must have permissions to create Corporate Reports. Only corporate reports can have broadcasting. Personal reports can however be subscribed to by the person that created the report.

Ad Hoc Email Settings

You can set the email permissions to restrict the way a report may be emailed to external parties. From the security option tab described above check the Email option, and set the permissions. You will have four possible options.

No Access

The report cannot be emailed externally. All users have to login to access it.

Validated Users

Only users that have security access to the category and the report. Prior to sending the report is validated against user permissions.

All Users

The report can only be sent to people that are registered users of Yellowfin.


The report can be sent to unregistered users. If the report is ‘Unsecure’

Distribute Report to Yellowfin Inbox

Through Yellowfin you can distribute reports to other user’s inboxes. In this way you can share reports with people that need access to the same data as you have.

  1. To distribute a report click the ‘Distribute’ link in the ‘Collaborate’ section of the active report menu. This will open a drop down menu from which you can select either distribute to inbox or email. Choose the distribute link.
  2. You can then choose if you wish to send the report to a single person’s inbox or to a group of users inboxes by choosing a relevant link.
  3. Search for either the person or the group.
  4. You can choose to notify a user via email that a report has been distributed to them. Click the email check box if you want to send an email notification as well.
  5. A confirmation page will confirm the report has been delivered and you can go back to distribute the report to another set of users.
    Note: Reports will only be distributed to users that have the appropriate level of access for the report.

Ad Hoc Email Report

As a user of Yellowfin you may have permissions to send reports via email to other registered users of Yellowfin or external parties.
Note: You will only be able to email a report once it is active. Draft reports cannot be emailed. Save your report prior to sending.

  1. To distribute a report via email click the ‘Distribute’ link in the ‘Collaborate’ section of the active report menu. This will open a drop down menu from which you can select either distribute to inbox or email. Choose the email link. This will open the email popup form.
  2. Select the user type you want to send to by clicking the relevant link.
    Yellowfin does permit you to send reports to unregistered users. Unregistered users are users that cannot logon to your Yellowfin reporting site.
    Not all reports however, can be sent to unregistered users. The report has to have an unsecure security setting to allow this.
  3. Complete the email form and choose the format that you wish to send the report as.
  4. Click the submit link to send the email.

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