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Restyling Yellowfin allows you to maintain the organisational feel between it and other corporate documents and systems. The corporate branding colours, fonts, logos, images, and links become the visible aspect of the site and can integrate seamlessly with an OEM application.

When styling Yellowfin it's important to take into consideration the end user experience. It is recommended that corporate logos, styles, and colours are implemented to ensure it instantly feels like an extension of the organisation.

You should also spend time identifying and special requirements your users may have. An example of this would be colourblind users. There is a great article written by Andy Baio about colour blindness and the importance of chart colour selection, located here. A useful online tool to help you select colours that work well together, and are colourblind, print, and/or photocopy safe is found here.

Styling Components

The components in Yellowfin that can be styled and customised include: