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Security on the source connection record is used to set who has access to the source system. You have two options :

  1. Unsecure. This allows all users to access the source system for writing SQL queries or creating new views (in both cases the user must still have a role which grants them functional access to these actions) or
  2. Secure. By securing the source system you will control:
    1. Who can view or edit the source record
    2. Who has the ability to create new views against the source
    3. Who can write SQL or Jasper reports directly against the source

Securing the Connection.

  1. Once you have selected the ‘secure’ option from the connection details page the security management step will be displayed.
  2. You will need to search for which users or groups have access to the source. Click the search link and select the user or group required.
  3. Select the appropriate access level.
    Note: at least one user must have DELETE access – else the source will be locked to all users for update purposes.


    Allows users to see Views based on the Data Source in the Data Sources & Views page.

    Edit & Update

    Allows the user to Create, Edit, or Copy a Freehand SQL Report based on the Data Source.
    Allows the user to Create, Edit, or Copy a View based on the Data Source.


    Allows the user to Delete the Data Source Connection.

    Note: the above settings are overrided if a user has the Data Source Admin role permission enabled.
  4. Click the add button to add them to the access list. You can add as many users or groups as users to the list as appropriate.