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Through Yellowfin you can distribute reports to other users inboxes. In this way you can share reports with people that need access to the same data as you have.

  1. To distribute a report click the Share button on the active report menu. This will open the Share window from which you can select to either Distribute, Email, or Embed the report.
  2. Click on the Distribute button.
  3. You can now select the required Recipients. Click on the + Add Recipients link.
    1. From here you are able to search through Yellowfin Users and Groups.
    2. Select the desired recipients. Once added, your recipients will be listed in the box
      Note: reports will only be distributed to users that have the appropriate level of access for the report.
  4. Next you are given the option to provide a message to go with your distribution.
    1. You may also choose to provide the users with the Report URL, which provides them with a direct method of accessing the report.
  5. Click the Ok button to confirm the distribution