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Generally a report will run instantly and return a result set if no user prompts are required. However you have the option to set the report to run only once filter values have been provided. To do this, open the Filter Actions menu and set the Autorun report on load option to No.

See User Prompt Filters for further information.

Image Prompt Option

If you are unsure of the filter data you wish to use you can use the prompt option to query the database for available values.

  1. Click the prompt icon - A popup window will open with a list of current values from the database.
  2. Select the value you wish, using the tick box and click the Submit button. This will return the value to your filter display.
  3. Click the 'Go Button' to run your report with the filter.

Omit Option

If you do not wish to apply a filter to your report you can return all values by leaving the values blank. The filter(s) that you choose to omit will be ignored by the query when querying the database. (As shown for the Last Name filter below.

Minimise or Close the Filter Display

If you wish to hide the filter box from your report, click either the 'minimise' or the 'close' button on the filter menu bar. The filter box can always be re-displayed by using the filter option on the report menu bar.