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A segmented chart for which the behaviour is determined by the data selected.

Chart Data Options




You may select up to two different fields to use as columns in your trellis.


You may select up to two different fields to use as rows in your trellis chart.


You can select one field to split your values by colour.


When you have a scatter plot trellis you will also be able to select a metric to use for the size of the bubbles.

Note: at least one of either the Column or Row fields selected must be a metric.

Trellis Chart Tutorial


In order to set up a Histogram Chart you will need:

  1. Create a report with chart display
    1. Select field(s) to use as the Row
    2. Select field(s) to use as the Column
    3. Select a field to use as the Colour (optional field)
    4. Select a field to use as the Size (optional field)
  2. Create your chart, selecting Analytical as the type, and Trellis as the chart
  3. Provide the Row, Column, Colour, and Size options and Refresh
  4. Customise the Chart as required
  5. Close the Chart Builder
  6. Save your report


1. Click on the Create link and select Report to begin building your report.

2. You should now be on the Initialise Report page. Select the Drag and Drop Builder as the build tool.

3. Select Ski Team as the View.

4. Now click the button to proceed.

5. Make sure that you select the Chart Only option as you have for the other charts & click on at the top of the page.

6. On the Report Data page, drag and drop the Demographic, Gender, Age at Camp, and Athlete ID fields into the Column Fields.

7. You will need to remove the aggregation from Avg Age at Camp by selecting the field and clicking the Clear button. You will also have to apply the Count Distinct aggregation to the Athlete ID field.

8. Make sure that you select the Chart Only option as you have for the other charts.

9. Click on at the top of the page.

10. On the Report Preview page click on the Pie Chart image as before.

11. Click on the Chart Menu and select Analytical as the Chart Type and Trellis as the subtype (click on the picture on the right).

12. Click Save to load the options for a Trellis Chart.

13. Set the Columns to Age at Camp and Demographic.

14. Select Row to Count Distinct Athlete ID.

15. Set the Colour to Gender.

16. Click Refresh to generate your chart.

17. You should now have a chart that looks like this. You now need to Save and Activate your chart.

18. Click on the Close button to go back to the Report Preview page.

19. Click on the Save Menu and use Trellis Tutorial Tutorial as the Name.

20. Type This Trellis Chart was created using the Charts Tutorial as the Description.

21. Enter Tutorial as the Category and Charts as the Sub Category.

22. Click Activate.