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Once a tab has been added to your dashboard you can continue to update and edit them to suit your needs. The tab menu allows you to add, delete or edit tabs. By clicking on the tab link you will have a drop down menu from which you can choose the following options.

Edit Tab

This option will allow you to place the tab into draft mode in order to edit it.

  1. Click on the Edit option in the Tab Menu
  2. You will now be shown a list of users currently displaying the tab on their dashboard, and prompted to continue or cancel.

Copy Tab

This option allows you to create a seperate duplicate of the tab that you can edit without changing the original.

Remove Tab from Dashboard

If you no longer wish to have a tab on your dashboard then:

  1. Select the Remove option from the tab menu
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking OK on the confirmation prompt

Move Tab Location

The first tab from the left of the page is the tab that will open first when you login.

  1. To move a tab location in the list, click the tab drop down menu icon.
  2. Choose the direction you wish to move the tab

Exporting Tab

If you wish to export all the reports on a tab to one document then:

  1. Click on the Export option in the tab menu
  2. Select the format you wish to export to

Share Tab

This option allows you to distribute the tab to other users or groups. You can also access the Embedding information here.

  1. Click on the Share option in the tab menu
  2. Select the Share option

Tab Info

This option provides you with some basic summary information related to the tab and the reports it displays.

Tab Help

Users should select this option to view the help available on the tab.

Delete Tab

The Delete option allows a user with the appropriate permissions to delete a tab from the entire system.

  1. Select Delete from the tab menu
  2. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion, after viewing a list of users currently using the tab.

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