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Yellowfin Administration functions are discussed here, including: how to create views of source systems, the layer that represents database structure in business terminology, as well as information on creating users, groups and report categories.

The Yellowfin Administrator’s Role

The role of the Yellowfin Administrator is to ensure users have:

  1. Appropriate access to Yellowfin. This is done by creating users and managing their access rights.
  2. Access to source databases and views for reporting. These are defined in Yellowfin and include a business definition layer for columns and table names.
  3. Creation and maintenance of Report Categories / Folders in which to save their reports for future access.

Administration Page

The administration Panel provides the administrator access to all the functions required to manage the Yellowfin application and users.
To access the panel, click on the administration link on the main navigation menu.

From here you will be able to access the following areas:

Manage Data Access

Managing access to data held in various systems is a core component of Yellowfin administration.

See Manage Data Access for more information.

Manage User Settings

A critical role of the Yellowfin report writers is to manage access to Yellowfin by authorised users.

See Manage User Settings for more information.

Manage Client Organisations

Allows you to add, edit, and delete client organisations without the use of web services.

See Manage Client Organisations for more information.

Configuration Panel

The configuration options allow you to tailor your installation of Yellowfin.

See Configuration Panel for more information.

Administration Panel

The administration options all you to manage various aspects of Yellowfin, such as sessions, schedules, dashboards, and licences.

See Administration Panel for more information.