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When creating or editing a view you will have the option to select a view category. This category is used in a number of ways.

Note: For some of these options to occur you must set your view categories to be visible from the administrator’s configuration page.

Field Category List

The view category is used to limit the available folders for field categories. For example if you have sales, financial and HR reporting it is likely that the field metadata will be quite unique for each of the areas. Therefore being able to limit the number of field categories makes it easier to create views and assign fields.

In the example below the available list of field categories is limited by what is contained in the Yellowfin view list.

View List Category

If you are reporting of a large complex application you can use the view categories to assist you to limit the views displayed when managing your views. For example: when connecting to an ERP application.

In the example below you can see another folder below the data source folder which contains a set of views.

Note: you must have ‘Filter Views by Category’ switched on, on the configuration tab, for this option to be visible.