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Single Date




Week Start

Week End

Month Start

Month End

Calendar Quarter Start

Calendar Quarter End

Calendar Year Start

Calendar Year End

Financial Quarter Start

Financial Quarter End

Financial Year Start

Financial Year End

Previous Month Start Date

Previous Month End Date

Previous Calendar Quarter Start

Previous Calendar Quarter End

Previous Calendar Year Start

Previous Calendar Year End

Custom *

Between Date



This Week

Last 7 Days

Last Week

Last Business Week

This Month

This Month (1st - Now)

Last Month to Date

Next Thirty Days

Next Sixty Days

Next Ninety Days

This Calendar Quarter

This Financial Quarter

Previous Financial Quarter

Last 3 Months

The Last 3 Months to Date

The Last 12 Months to Date

This Calendar Year

This Calendar Year to Date

This Financial Year

Last Calendar Year

Last Financial Year

Custom *

Between Date/Time

Last 5 Minutes

Last 10 Minutes

Last 30 Minutes

Last Hour

Last 3 Hours

Last 8 Hours

Last 12 Hours

Last 24 Hours

Last Three Days to Date/Time

This Week to Date/Time

Last Week to Date/Time (last 7 x 24 hours)

Last Two Weeks to Date/Time (last 14 x 24 hours)

Last Three Weeks to Date/Time (last 21 x 24 hours)

Past Month to Date/Time (this date last month till now)

This Year to Date/Time

* This allows the user to select their own value.