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Managing access to data held in various systems is a core component of Yellowfin administration.

Source Systems & Views

Each source system that is accessed for reporting needs to be defined within the application. For example if reports are to be run off the HR system and the Finance system then each of these must be defined as a separate source system.

A view is a slice of data out of your database or simply an existing table. It may include information from a number of tables as well as calculations to aggregate or derive new information.

For example if you wanted to report off your People table in your HR source system you would define a Yellowfin view by selecting the People table and creating a definition for all the columns that you wish to report off.

See Data Source Connections and Database Views for more information.

Report Category Management

Every report has to have a category and subcategory defined when it is saved into the report repository. These categories serve a dual purpose:

  1. To provide users with a standard location for saving and retrieving reports.
  2. To provide an additional layer of security. For instance only Finance Users could be provided access to the Finance Category. Thus any report placed in this category would only be available to finance users.

See Report Categorisation for more information.

Export & Import

Export and Import content from one instance of Yellowfin into another. This lets you export and import all report content.

See Export & Import Repository for more information.