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The administration options allow you to manage various aspects of Yellowfin, such as sessions, schedules, dashboards, and licences. They also allow you to check system information, which can be useful for troubleshooting and support issues.

Session Management

This lets you close users open sessions. This is useful if you have a user that has logged on from one IP address and then tries to logon from another but has been denied access. Click on the Session Management link in Administration. You should now be able to see a list of all current sessions.

Schedule Management

View and delete reporting schedules that have been set up by users.

See Schedule Management for more information.

Dashboard Management

View all available dashboards, check their status, subscriptions, and report numbers as well as having the option to edit and delete selected tabs.

Licence Details

This lets you update your licence and view your current licence parameters. Click on the Licence Details link in Administration.

You should now be able to see both your licence and usage details.

System Information

View current system information including Yellowfin version details, security settings, system resources and more. Sometimes support may ask you for an XML export of these details to assist with troubleshooting.

Content Translation

Content Translation allows the system to provide User Entered reporting content across multiple languages by allowing users to translate content such as Report Names, Column Titles, Chart Labels, etc.

See Content Translation for more information.


Themes are style settings that are applied to Storyboards in order to provide layout and formatting to slides.

See Themes for more information.