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When initially logging on you may not have any tabs defined to your dashboard. The following message will be displayed.

To add a new tab to you dashboard the Create link in the main navigation bar, select Dashboard Tab and choose the type you wish to use.

Adding a new Tab to your dashboard allows you to add more reports into a related area such as Sales, Finance or HR. You can add as many tabs to your dashboard as you wish.

Add Pre-Built Tab

  1. To add a pre-built public tab, select the Pre-built Tab option.
  2. You will now see a list of tabs available to you, similar to the Thumbnail view of the Browse page. Click on the tab you wish to add.
  3. On selecting a tab you will be returned to the Dashboard and shown a preview of the tab. To confirm you wish to add the tab to your dashboard, click the link at the top.
  4. You will now have added the tab to your Dashboard.

Note: you can only have one instance of a public tab on your dashboard.