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Once the data and output styles have been defined through the report wizard you can define the formatting options on the output page to create presentation quality reports.

Main Menu

The main format menu provides you with access to all the data related formatting options. The formatting options are only visible if the report is in DRAFT mode – once ACTIVE the active menu will be displayed with additional report management features.

  1. The menu is divided into two parts:
    1. Subject Tabs
    2. Format Options
      The subject tabs are used to format distinct parts of your report – for example: a tab exists for the main data table, as well as a tab for the Column, Section, Filters, and Related Report formatting. Some of these tabs are only visible if you have the relevant data – for example: the Section tab will only appear if you have sections defined in your report data.
      The format options related to the selected tab allow you to change the style and layout of the selected object (Table, Column, Section, etc.)
  2. The Save option lets you activate and publish your report
  3. Export your report to various formats such as Excel, etc.
  4. The Edit menu lets you access the various steps of the report and chart builder
  5. Format the table style of your report
  6. Format the title and display options such as filters, etc.
  7. Use the Details link to find out more about your report
  8. Use the Close button to close your report

See Report Formatting for more information

Column Menu

The format options related to the selected tab and allow you to change the style and layout of the selected object (Table, Column, Section etc).

See Column Formatting for more information

Section Menu

The format options for sections allow you to change the display, style, summary, and sorting settings.

See Section Formatting for more information

Related Reports Menu

The format options for Related Reports allow you to change the way the secondary reports are displayed.

See Related Reports Formatting for more information

Filters Menu

The format options filters allow you to set the display, entry style, general format, and action options.

See Filter Formatting for more information