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Through the administration module you will be able to create new data sources and associated views. In addition you will be able to manage the security access to the data sources.

What is a Data Source?

A data source is a record within Yellowfin that contains the connection parameters for one or more database middleware.
The source connection information is shared by a number of views created within the application to connect to the appropriate data source when a report is sun.

Source Types

Yellowfin supports numerous data sources for you to report off. These include SQL databases such as DB2, Oracle and SQL Server, Lotus Notes Domino, and Yellowfin In-Memory.

Data Source Connection List

The source list shows you all the available source systems within Yellowfin. These source records provide connection parameters to your databases.

Setting up new data sources allows a user to connect to an external database and define the contents of a view or table. From the dashboard page click the ‘administration’ link on the main navigation at the top of your page.

The list page shows you all the data sources that you have access to and the views that have been defined against those sources.

Click on the hyper link for either the source or view to access the details.

Add source connection

To add a new source to your connection list click the add connections link. This will open a new source record for you to edit.

If you have a license restriction on the number of source systems you can use you will encounter an error if you try and connect a source when all are in use. An option for you will be to delete an existing source to continue.

See Source Connection Parameters for more information.

Edit Source

To edit an existing source you can either click the source name hyperlink or tick the check box and click the edit link. This will open the record for editing.
Note: you can only edit source record for which you have access rights.

Delete Source

To delete a source select the source connection you wish to delete and click the delete link. This will open the confirm page.
If the source is being used, Yellowfin will indicate which views are in use. If you continue to delete the connection the associated views will be deleted as well.