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The configuration options allow you to tailor your installation of Yellowfin. This includes security management, user authentication and email servers.


Use this section to customise Yellowfin settings, such as authentication, integration (headers, footers, and navigation), page formatting, email server and defaults, system parameters, and regional settings.

Click on the Configuration link in Administration.

You should now see the Authentication, Integration, Page Format, Email, System Parameters, Region Settings tabs in the Configuration section.

See Configuration for more information.

Report Styles

This area allows you to set custom colours and font styles for charts, reports and the dashboard.

See Chart Styles, Report Styles, and Dashboard Styles for more information.

Images & Maps

Use this to load static images to be used as background images for reports and charts, as well as raster maps for the generation of heat maps.

See Images & Maps for more information.

Tag Management

Use this to manage tags used in Discussion, and Annotations.

Date Filter Periods

Use this to manage filter periods available for use in reports and on analytic dashboards.

See Pre-Defined Date Periods for more information.