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Getting Started

1. Click on the Add Tab link and select the Analytic Tab option. This will bring up a blank tab, ready for reports to be added.

2. As you will have noticed, this tab has a couple of differences to other types of tabs. There is an Analytic Setup Menu on the Edit Bar and a Filters section on the right hand side of the screen. These will come in to play a little later on.

3. First you need to add reports to the tab. Click on the Add Report link to bring up the Add Report popup. Use the same steps as you did with the Standard Tab to add three reports.

4. Add Camp Demographic Comparison to the right hand area and add the Athlete Age by Demographic report to the bottom area. Leave the left hand area free for the filtered report to be added later.

5. Format the tab so that the left panel is wider than the right. Your tab should now look the like one pictured.

Setting Up the Filtered Report

When setting up an Analytic Tab it is easiest to add all the filters you want to use to one report, and then link them to all the other reports.

1. Click on the Report List link at the top of the page.

2. Locate the Bubble - Demographic Spread report (either by searching or browsing for it).

3. Click on the report's description to highlight it, you should now see the report details listed on the left hand side of the screen.

4. Click on the Copy link to make a copy of the report that you can add filters to.

5. You should now be on the Report Data page. Drag the Demographic, Gender, and Age Group at Camp, fields into the filters area.

6. Click the Next button to set up the filters.

7. Change all of the filters to be In List rather than Equal To.

8. Click the Next button to progress to the Report Preview page.

9. You will notice that the filters have text entry rather than lists of values to choose from. In order to maintain a high level of ease of use you should cache filter values where possible.

10. Apply advanced Filter formatting settings by accessing the Filters link at the top of the page.

11. Select the first of the filters, Demographic from the drop down list.

12. Open the Entry Style menu and apply the following:
Entry Type: Drop-Down
Value Type: Cached Values
Refresh: Manual

13. Click on Refresh Now to populate the list of values.

14. Click Close once complete.

15. Repeat steps 11 - 14 for the Gender and Age Group at Camp filters. Your filter area should now look like the one pictured here.

16. Your report is now ready for use on an Analytic Tab. Save and activate the report, renaming it Bubble - Demographic Spread (Filtered).

17. Return to the dashboard and add the report to the left hand area of the analytic tab. It should now appear as pictured here.

Linking Reports

1. To set up the links between reports on the tab, click on the Analytic Setup link.

2. You should now see a page with a list of reports on the left hand side and reports to link to on the right.

3. Click on the Bubble - Demographic Spread (Filtered) report on the left hand side. You should now see a list of available filters on the right. Select each of these; this will put them on the dashboard tab.

4. Now you need to link the other dashboard reports to these filters. Select the Camp Demographic Comparison report from the Linked Reports list at the bottom of the page.

5. Choose Filter for each of the available filters. This means you are choosing to apply the filter from the Bubble report to the Camp report.

6. Select the matching field for each option. To do this you need to identify which field in the dropdown list matches the original filter field. EG. here the Demographic field in the list matches the Demographic filter.

Note: as these reports are based on the same view Yellowfin will select the matching field for you.

7. Click Save to save your links.

8. You should now see that the icon that was next to the Bubble report is now a to show that the reports have been linked.

9. Repeat steps 4 - 7 for the Athlete Age by Demographic report.

10. Save your changes.

11. Click on the Return to Dashboard link.

12. You should see that there are filters on the right hand side of your tab. To format these, click on the Filters link.

13. You can now reorder the filters, change the location of the Apply link, and set the display type of each filter.

14. Set the order of the filters to be Gender, Age Group at Camp, and Demographic.

15. Set the Apply link location to Both.

16. Change the Age Group at Camp to Checkboxes and the list size for Demographic and Gender to 6 and 2 respectively.

17. Click Apply to save your changes.

18. Save and Activate the tab, naming it Analytic Tab Tutorial.

19. Your tab should now appear as pictured here. Test out your filters, making sure all the reports are updating.

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