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When a report has several user prompt filters it can be useful to provide pre-defined filter sets, saving the user time.

Enabling Saved Filter Sets

In order to use Saved Filter Sets you will need do two things:

  1. Enable the role permissions through Administration. There are two settings you can enable:
    1. Filter Sets: allows users to see public filter sets created by other users, and create/delete their own private filter sets if applicable.
    2. Create Public Filter Sets - allows users to create public filter sets that can be used by other users.
  2. Enable Saved Filter Sets through the Filter Action menu on your report

Defining Saved Filter Sets

Once you have enabled the functionality, you will need to define your sets on each report. To do this your report will need to be activated, and then you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the filter values you wish to use and then click on Save Filter Set.
  2. If you have permission to save Public Filter Sets then you will be presented this panel:

    Here you will be asked to define the filter set as either private (only for your user account) or public (available for all users with access to filter sets). Then you will need to provide a descriptive name for the set. Click Add Set once complete. If you only have permission to create Private Filter Sets then you will be presented with this panel and will only need to provide a descriptive name.

    Click Add Set once complete.
  3. You should now have a report with filter sets as below:

Using Saved Filter Sets

When you have defined sets of filters you are ready to use them. To apply a filter set simply click on the name of the set you want.

Deleting Saved Filter Sets

To delete a filter set you will need to click on the image next to the name of your chosen set. You will then be asked to confirm your decision in the following window:

Click Yes to confirm.
Note: You are only able to delete filter sets that you have permission to create. If you only have permission to create Private sets then you will not be able to delete Public ones.

Editing Reports with Saved Filter Sets

Saved Filter Sets should always be implemented when the report is complete. If, at any stage, you need to edit a report that has filter sets you will need to re-add the sets after editing is complete as they are lost when a report is placed in draft mode.

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