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If the tab is active you will have to place the tab into edit mode for you to make changes such as deleting or adding reports. When you edit a tab you will change the status and as a result if it is a public tab no other users will have access to the tab whilst you are editing it.

Tab Edit Menu

The tab edit menu allows you to determine the layout, security and in the case of analytic dashboards the filters that link the reports together.

The main sections of the edit page include:

  1. The ability to activate, select the layout, set security and – in the case of analytical tabs – set the linkages between reports.
  2. Add new reports to the dashboard

Adding a Report

  1. To add a new dashboard report to your dashboard click the add new report link on the bottom of the column. This will open the dashboard search popup.
  2. Search for the report you want to add using the search form. Note: you can use advanced search settings to narrow down your search as in the example above. Either click on the report name, or select one or more using the check boxes, and then click add to add the reports to you tab.

Resizing and Moving a Report

Once the report is on your tab you can resize it or position it within a column or across columns using drag and drop.

Adding Associated Reports

Not all reports are appropriate to add to a dashboard, but you may want to include them to provide supporting information for a specific tab. To do this you can use the associated report list. Add reports to this list and they will be displayed as a link to the report only not as a pre-run report.

Removing a Report

When you delete a report from the dashboard it is not deleted from the repository. The original report can still be found in your report list - you did not delete the actual report, only the dashboard copy of it.

  1. To delete a report click the delete button at the top right of the report menu.
  2. A prompt will confirm that you wish to delete the report. Click OK to delete the report from your dashboard.

Activating a Dashboard Tab

Once you are happy with the setup of your dashboard you should activate it by clicking the save icon on the dashboard edit menu. This will open the save drop down menu allowing you to set the tab name and description. Click Activate to save your tab into read mode.

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