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Once your reports have been built you will be able to create a new dashboard tab and add them to it. In this example we add reports that have been previously created in previous steps.

A dashboard is a way to present reports to users in a way that lets them quickly scan all their key metrics with out having to open each report individually. As such when designing a dashboard deciding what gets displayed is critical to providing users with dashboards that help them in their jobs.

Creating a Dashboard Tab

1. To create a new dashboard tab click the Add Tab Link.

2. This will open a drop down menu of tab types - from which you should choose a Standard Tab.

3. You will now see a blank tab. Click on the Add Report link to add reports to this tab.

4. Select the Chart Drill Down report from the list

5. Click the Add Link to add these to your dashboard.

6. The reports will now appear on your dashboard tab.

7. Now resize the report by dragging the bottom edge of it downward.

8. Your tab should now look like the one pictured.

9. Click the Save link to save this tab. Type in Tutorial as the name of the tab.

10. Click Activate to save and activate the tab.

11. The Tutorial tab is now published and ready for day to day use. You will notice that the drill down functionality woks for both reports.

See Dashboard for more information.

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